There are three core values at the heart of my campaign: Transparency, Accountability and Accessibility.    Solvang residents and businesses deserve clear communication and information from their local government.  Staff and elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions and they need to be accessible to residents.  Every resident of Solvang should be empowered to bring their issues to their government, and I am committed to ensuring that your voice is heard.

Magnifying Glass


As taxpayers, Solvang residents and businesses deserve to know how their money is being spent.  We need a local government that uses up-to-date communication tools to keep the public informed.  We need transparency during Council meetings as well as in between meetings.  When the public has questions, they deserve answers.



The Solvang City Council - as well as city staff - need to be accountable for their actions at all times. When I am elected to the City Council, I will ensure that accountability is brought back to the Solvang government via the proper vetting of staff and vendors, following the proper procedures for
proposals and hiring, as well as conducting reviews of staff management. If there is a fellow
Councilmember that cannot conduct themselves properly or respectfully to our residents, I will be the first to speak up and take action. My time in the Marines reinforced the ideas of leadership by example, and how my personal conduct needs to be above reproach at all times. Residents and
businesses in Solvang can rest assured that I and everyone else in city government will be held accountable for our words and actions.



All decisions by our City Council should be made with the best interests at heart for every resident of Solvang - not just the loudest or most well-connected. We all know that community involvement plays a critical role in mental health, social justice and fiscal responsibility. Our community’s interests as a whole should always be the first priority of our government.  As a Solvang City Councilmember, I plan to hold regular office hours so I can be accessible by residents and business owners.  

Your feedback is crucial to the success of our local government and you deserve a Councilmember that will not only hear you—but truly listen.