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There are three core values at the heart of my campaign: Transparency, Accountability and Accessibility.    Solvang residents and businesses deserve clear communication and information from their local government.  Staff and elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions and they need to be accessible by residents.  Every resident of Solvang deserves to have their voice heard.


As a Marine Corps Veteran, I understand the importance of service to my community.  With service comes responsibility; both fiscal and social.  Together we need to preserve what makes Solvang so special through open and honest conversations between our
residents and city government.
 Let's find our future together.



My success depends on the support of our community.  Every volunteer hour or dollar donated counts. I am looking for your support for voter registration efforts, marketing initiatives and fundraising. Join me in bringing integrity back to the Solvang City Council so I can represent the people who matter most: YOU. 



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Chris Bowyer

2020 Solvang City Council Candidate

My name is Chris Bowyer. I visited Solvang for the first time a couple years ago while I was consulting with a client. The moment I drove into our town, I fell in love. It reminded me so much of my hometown in Germany and of the Scandinavian countries that I’ve been fortunate to visit in my life. From the moment I saw Solvang for the first time, I knew I had found the place I wanted to call home. I made it a goal of mine to live here. Only two months later, I moved to the Santa Ynez Valley from Sacramento.


Before coming to Solvang, I served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years. During my time in, I deployed three times and found myself in Iraq, Eastern Africa, and many many other places. A few years after I completed my service, I began attending the University of Colorado in pursuit of Bachelor’s degree in English while simultaneously starting a career as a security professional. I founded a security company alongside two Green Beret friends where we focused on hiring veterans after they transitioned out of the military. That career is what brought me to our town initially and since then, I’ve worked in this area as a security consultant. I had even laid the foundation for a new firm right here in Solvang when the pandemic struck.


I believe that all decisions by our City Council should be made with the best interests at heart for every resident of Solvang - not just loudest or the most well-connected. We all know that community involvement plays a critical role in mental health, social justice and fiscal responsibility. Our community’s interests as a whole should always be the first priority of our government.


As a Solvang City Councilmember, I will embody the respect, dignity, and professionalism that all of you—my neighbors, my friends, my adopted home—deserve when you speak to your local government. I will protect what makes Solvang the enchanting home we all love, but I will also ensure that our City Council is dedicated to finding our future together.


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I would love to hear from you and have a conversation about any issues that matter to you. Feel free to contact me at anytime via the email button below.

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Chris Bowyer, 2020 Solvang City Council Candidate